Privacy Policy

Same Day Loan takes utmost care to maintain the privacy of the applicants’ important data. Following some stringent privacy policies, we try to minimize the chance of illegal access of any data. You are advised to read our policies carefully before submitting the form.

We request all our applicants to choose their passwords with proper care and not to disclose it. Mainly, with password facility, we try to prevent any type of illegal access of borrowers’ personal documents. These include names, mail ids, social security numbers and many others. So, we advise everyone to take proper care of his or her password.

Same Day Loan gets details about the applicants from their application forms only. We do not collect any details without borrowers’ knowledge. Though, cookies are there on our site, but the purpose is to improve our site, not to collect any personal details about borrowers.

Visit our site anytime and for that, you do not need to provide any personal details.

Same Day Loan assures everyone that we will not sell or disclose borrowers’ personal information to any third party. But sometimes, we can share these details with various lenders in order to find them a pocket friendly deal. If the requirement arises, then we can share these details with a legal entity as well.

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